General FAQ - Brink of Battle: Skirmish Gaming Through the Ages  
  Question: Are there rules for Vehicles in the main book?

Answer: No. Next year one of the supplements will be for Vehicles. It will cover Motorcycles through light tanks. It will also have rules for Anti-Tank weapons, etc. The vehicles book will release prior to the Sci-Fi book, so that sci-fi vehicles can be included, such as grav bikes, hovercraft, etc.

Question: Where do I find the Supply Point costs for Ratings, Traits, and Gear?

Answer: All costs for those items are listed in the Tables section in the back of the book. This was done intentionally, so that if any of those numbers were to change in the future, you would still be able to use the information in your main rules text without having incorrect numbers. You can also find these tables in the Downloads section of our website at

  Question: I would like to use the rules to play skirmishes with forces that have different weapons from different periods. Can I use the Gear costs as they are, or do I need to modify them to reflect the lower technology of the more primitive force?

Answer: This falls into what I call the ‘gray area’ of history. Some types of skirmish themes will straddle two different Periods. Examples include, Darkest Africa, Colonials vs Zulu’s, or certain types of weapons in the American Civil War that show up earlier than listed in the game, but aren’t as widespread as they would need to be to fall into Period 2, like early revolvers as an example.

The best way to handle this is to remember one of my design principles: you and your friends get to haggle over the ‘historical accuracy’ bit! My recommendation is that you do what makes the most sense to you. Period 3 weapons don’t include the more common hand combat weapons like spears, swords, etc from Periods 1 & 2. You can use the cost for those items from the Period 2 Gear chart, and still have your Colonials or Great White Hunters using the most current weapons of their Period.

Question: When I am playing a Campaign game, and my model earns Experience points, how do I increase his Ratings?

Answer: Experience Points are a type of Supply Point that is used by models in Campaign games. As noted on page 126 you need to consult the Rating Increase Chart. And then I didn’t put one in! Just subtract the Supply Point cost of your model’s current Rating from the cost of the next higher Rating and that’s how many Experience Points you need to spend to make the increase. For example, a CBT 4 costs 10 SP’s. To increase it to a 5, you need to subtract 10 from 15, which is the cost for a CBT 5 Rating. So your model must spend 5 Experience to increase to a 5 CBT Rating.