Epic Heroes: Skirmish Gaming in the Realms of Fantasy Writing Contest  

Welcome to the Epic Heroes Fantasy Fiction Writing Contest. This is your opportunity to have your fantasy fiction published in a game supplement for Brink of Battle: Skirmish Gaming through the Ages™ called Epic Heroes: Skirmish Gaming in the Realms of Fantasy ™.

Epic Heroes will allow Brink of Battle players to add Magic, Monsters, and heroic Traits & Gear to their games and allow them to create worlds of their own, re-create their favorite fantasy setting, or use the Epic Heroes official setting. They can also take historical settings and add fantasy elements to create such genres as Gothic Horror, Weird Wild West, or Weird War 2.

We are taking submissions from aspiring writers who would like to write small vignettes, short stories, or snippets of fiction using the Epic Heroes setting for the supplement being released later this year. This contest will have several categories as listed below. There are some ‘meta’ rules for submissions that need to be adhered to for a submission to be valid and accepted.

Those submissions that are accepted for publication will be printed in the final supplement. Authors will receive a printed copy of the book, credit for their stories listed in the book, and a PDF copy of the same. No other compensation will be given. See the Boring Legal Stuff below for additional details.

  Submission requirements:  
  1. Your submission must be written in English and submitted in Microsoft Word or equivalent program that may be imported to Microsoft Word. Submissions sent in any other format are automatically rejected.
  2. Submissions must be in either Arial or Times New Roman fonts.
  3. Submissions must be accompanied by the Author Submission Form for each entry. One entry per category per Author.
  4. Each category has a maximum word count. Submissions that go over this count will be disqualified for consideration.
  Submission Categories:  
  1. Short Story – Max word cap 1000
  2. Snippet – Max word cap 250
  3. Vignette – Max word cap 500
  Fantasy Setting:  
  1. Epic Heroes ‘Official’ Fantasy setting.
  2. Dread Europa setting, both in the Thirty Years’ War and after.
  3. Any historical setting with monsters & magic added, like Weird West, Weird War 2, Gothic Horror, Ancient Gods & Heroes type of genres.

You can download the free pdf of Epic Heroes from Wargame Vault. It contains the written backgrounds for both the official fantasy setting as well as Dread Europa. These will be helpful in crafting your stories.

Submissions must be made by email with attached story(ies) and the appropriate number of Author Submission forms. All submissions must be original material derived from the Epic Heroes supplement or historical genres. All submissions need to be sent to sitrep@brinkofbattle.com.

The Boring Legal Stuff: By downloading the submission materials and submitting and entry, you are acknowledging compliance to the terms and conditions of this contest. All contest submissions become the sole property of Robert A. Faust and Strategic Elite in both copyright and trademark. No monetary compensation, remuneration, or payment will be made for submissions whether used in final publication or not. No guarantee of publication is being made. If submitted for publication, submitter acknowledges the above terms and conditions and accepts the submission is a derivative work of Robert A. Faust and Strategic Elite™.

Please click on the link below to download the form! Note that this form must be submitted along with each entry to sitrep@brinkofbattle.com.


The deadline for all submissions for this contest is May 31st, 2013.