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  Brink of Battle: Skirmish Gaming Through the Ages is a miniature wargame rule set that allows players to recreate small combat engagements from any time in history. It is designed to allow players to play either one off games or a campaign that lasts over several battles.  
Use any models from your existing collections without needing to rebase them. Square/rectangle or round bases work fine with each other. Choose between three main historical periods, then pick a specific year in that period to fight your battles. Period 1 is Ancient/Medieval, Period 2 is Early Modern, and Period 3 is Modern. Each period plays like a different game, as the weapons and tactics change throughout time, so does the type of engagement fought.
Strategic Elite is a game company founded by Robert Faust. SE develops the Brink of Battle system and will further expand the line of genre and historical rules supplements over the next few years to include further focus on each Period, as well as Fantasy and Science Fiction books.